The Organization That Rocks!

Hire for ATTITUDE, not for skill. Hire for VISION, not for money. Most of what you need in your organization to move it forward, you already have… you just have to empower and release the dreamers and visionaries to do what they do best! They already have the attitude and passion, and believe in what you do… or they wouldn’t be with you! Invest in them… empower them… and believe in them. Stop constipating the process by going after “experts”, who know neither your culture nor your product. Nurture and grow what you already have. You will go (and grow) further and faster than you could have ever imagined was possible.

“But what if I am in the same place (or worse) this year than I was last year? Isn’t that evident that I don’t have the right people?” Consider this: IT MAY NOT BE A PEOPLE PROBLEM… it could most likely be a PROCESS problem. Most managers spend the majority of their time constantly pushing and prodding their people to “do more… work harder… be better”, but spend very little time working on their process — their SYSTEMS. If your systems are flawed, you can push your people all you want, but you will simply be spinning your wheels.

Invest in your people… and work on your process. Develop systems that MAKE SENSE (remember, Keep It Simple… Sammy lol) and free up your people to do their best work. VALUE THEM OVER THE WORK ITSELF, and they will be loyal to a fault… and an organization made up of excited, loyal people who not only love what they do but will give their all to get it done is – mark my words – AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE. An organization that rocks!

Invest in your people… fine-tune your processand you will be able to celebrate your product.

Until next time…

Darren (D Plum)


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