50 Days of DPlum: PlumFest – Day 2

So, May 1 kicked off my 50 Days of DPlum… with my bride bringing me a surprise lunch to the office… totally cool! Today, on the second day of my Plumfest, I really didn’t do much… BUT… I did take a little break from a pretty hectic morning at work to watch my favorite sitcom on Netflix… very relaxing for me! It was great to take a “laugh break” from the drama of the craziness that is staffing in the inner city!

I know what you’re thinking: D Plum… what kind of craziness is that?? Well, the simple fact is that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m a pretty simple guy, with pretty simple tastes. Although I am the consummate people person, sometimes… whether it’s watching an episode or two… or three… of New Girl on Netflix, or relaxing with a book on leadership or preaching… I can find a pretty cool happy place taking a much-needed break from a very busy world.

So.. maybe tomorrow’s celebration will be a tad more lively…

… or, maybe I will find a quiet place at Barnes & Noble to hole up and read lol. 😉 Either way…

… you can bet I will have a smile on my face!


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