Happy Birthday to Me! And Mom!

On this, the eve of my 50th birthday, I want to give a huge shout out to my Mom… who is the Matriarch of our great family and who, for most of my 50 years, has been my rock. She’s taught me so many life lessons… how to persevere during tough times, without breaking down – that was never an option for her… too much was at stake. She knew that her kids needed to see a parent who trusted in God, even when things seemed hopeless. She knew that we needed the example of a Mother who showed strength on the outside, even if she wasn’t feel strong on the inside.

I watched how she honored her mother all of her life, and how she garnered all those precious pearls of wisdom that my grandmother would cast. She came from a long line of strong women… women who learned to put God first, and love and care for their families as if their lives depended on it. My Mom is an incredibly strong, courageous, and persevering woman.

But most of all.. she is an awesome woman of God. She is PASSIONATE about her relationship with Jesus, as all who know her can attest! She has impacted so many lives over the years… she lives and breathes the words of Jesus, “Follow Me, and I will show you how to fish for people.”

Mom, thank you for being such an awesome example to us of strength, perseverance, and godliness! Much of the joy I have experienced in this 50 year journey is because of you. I LOVE YOU!

Your Son ❤


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