The Choice is Yours

From the beginning of time until today, it has always been the same: will we choose God or choose “the fruit”? To choose God is to say that we trust that what He has for us is way better than what we can provide for ourselves. To choose the fruit is to not only not trust God, but also to say to Him, “God, I do not want You.” The always ours; but for some reaspn we keep choosing the fruit: Adam/Eve in the garden, Moses at the rock, David on the rooftop… and even when we see in the lives of others the damage and destruction of the choices they made, we still… choose… the.. fruit.

So, today… we have a choice… it is not a difficult one, ultimately. As Moses told the children of Israel, as they stood at the precipace of the Land of Promise: “Today, I have set before you life and death… CHOOSE LIFE” (Deut. 30:19-20).

Choose life, my friend.


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