Clay Pots and Broken Vessels

This is a funny story (at least, I think so lol), and a little long… but a MUST READ. 😉 This JUST happened to me recently:

I was watching a video clip a few nights ago on my phone, of a very prominent CEO who is known for his outstanding leadership. I had never heard him speak before so I was really excited to hear him! As I hit the play button, and he began to speak, my eyes widened in surprise — I said to myself, “I didn’t know he had any kind of disability!” His speech was very slow and his words were really drawn out… like maybe he had some form of cerebral palsy..?? Yet, his command and mastery of leadership language and strategy was AMAZING!!

I thought to myself – I WAS VERY CONVICTED — if this man can push through a disability this extreme and still lead an organization of this magnitude, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why I cannot push through my past, or any present difficult circumstances that come my way!!!! I was truly convicted!! I paused the video on my phone… and right then and there, I prayed to the Lord. I repented of my unbelief and my failure to trust Him. I had succumbed to the lie of the enemy that my past was bigger than my Protector, and that He was unable to help me when I felt in dire straits.

Feeling invigorated, and with a fresh sense of forgiveness and power from on high, I decided to watch another video of this guy… “I wanna hear MORE!”, I said to myself. So, I clicked on a video of an interview he had done with CNN. As the video played, and the interviewer introduced him and his newly-released book, I was almost on the edge of my seat… I couldn’t wait to hear more from this dude!! Then he began speaking… and my face went blank… “What the skippy…?” He was speaking NORMALLY. No sign of a disability…

And I then realized what you might even realize at this moment…

… that the settings of the previous video was at a slower speed. 🙄

I had to laugh out loud. “You got me, God!” Because, in that moment, I knew — nothing had changed. The SAME God who has the ability to work through our weaknesses, no matter WHAT they are — after all, we are nothing more than “clay pots” (2 Cot. 4:7) –is the SAME GOD who can use us mightily… despite our failures, despite our shortcomings, despite our lack of education or training or resources! He is THE GOD who has the ability to do EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY MORE THAN WE CAN ASK OR EVEN IMAGINE! (Eph. 3:20)

Bob Iger (the CEO whose video clip I was watching) is NOT disabled… but this incident was a powerful reminder to me that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that God cannot do!!! So if, maybe like me, you sometimes feel like your past is too big, too tainted.. or that you don’t have enough talent/giftedness or education or resources… or WHATEVER… for God to use you… remember that He only needs: your COMPLETE SURRENDER and your AVAILABILITY. He will do the rest (Prov. 3:5-6; Mk. 1:17). 😉 He specializes in broken vessels… LET HIM USE YOU.

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