No Offense…

Today, I felt offended on so many fronts (in a few different situations) … by people who really do not know me well, as well as people close to me. In some cases, I think I responded well… in others, I know I didn’t. At first, in my mind, it was easy to justify my […]

Happy Birthday to Me! And Mom!

On this, the eve of my 50th birthday, I want to give a huge shout out to my Mom… who is the Matriarch of our great family and who, for most of my 50 years, has been my rock. She’s taught me so many life lessons… how to persevere during tough times, without breaking down […]

50 Days of DPlum: PlumFest – Day 2

So, May 1 kicked off my 50 Days of DPlum… with my bride bringing me a surprise lunch to the office… totally cool! Today, on the second day of my Plumfest, I really didn’t do much… BUT… I did take a little break from a pretty hectic morning at work to watch my favorite sitcom […]

Between the Promise and the Payoff…

Always remember, things often don’t go as planned… so ADJUST accordingly; but don’t ABANDON. Just keep doing what you’re doing… trust God’s process, move thru the pain… and experience the PAYOFF. Also, YOU are being molded through the struggle, as well. Usually, when people face adversity, their first thought is to break out. Some even […]

The Organization That Rocks!

Hire for ATTITUDE, not for skill. Hire for VISION, not for money. Most of what you need in your organization to move it forward, you already have… you just have to empower and release the dreamers and visionaries to do what they do best! They already have the attitude and passion, and believe in what […]

Irresistible Influence!

More and more… even for those who call themselves Christians… it seems like people are becoming less serious about God, and have little desire to read His Word.  Going to church regularly isn’t that important anymore, because… well… “What difference is it making in my life anyway?”  That being the case, there is a growing, […]

Funny Thing…

Sooooooo… I’ve been wanting to start posting again for the longest, but… I WAS LOCKED OIT OF MY ACCOUNT!!  Wordpress wouldn’t even let me recover my password… that’s a little TOO MUCH security, people!!  But anyway, I’m back! Seems we have a new POTUS since I last wrote, LOL!  🤣     Other than that… […]