You Don’t Reap What You Don’t Sow

Those too lazy to plow in the right season will have no food at the harvest” (Proverbs 20:4, NLT).

As a young boy, I was taught the concept/law of sowing and reaping from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church at Galatia (chapter 6), but like most people do I focused only on the “what” – “For a person will reap what he sows” (Gal. 6:7).  I understood that a person sows WHAT they reap, LATER than they reap, and MORE than they reap.  I understood that the “what” of sowing and reaping could be either positive or negative (Gal. 6:8).  But what should have been painfully obvious to me was often lost because I emphasized only half of the “what”; the other half, being implied, is just so easy to miss… and here it is: if you DON’T sow, you WON’T reap. 

Sowing is not easy.  It takes strength; it takes consistency; it takes persistence and perseverance.
  It is easy to give up on sowing; and it is just as easy to not sow at all.  After all, we think, I sowed before and what happened?  Nothing!  But that’s when we must remember the Law of the Harvest: We reap LATER THAN WE SOW.  And we reap MORE than we sow.  But if we want to reap a harvest, we must sow… in all we do…

in our devotional life with the Lord…
… in our relationships…
… in our finances…
… in our personal development…

This is very practical truth: You sow nothing, you reap nothing.  You sow little, you reap little.  You sow much, you reap much.  Period.  No rocket science… no gray areas… no need to read between the lines.  YOU DON’T SOW… YOU DON’T REAP.  The why doesn’t matter.  “I’m frustrated!”  Doesn’t matter.  “It’s hard!”  Doesn’t matter.  “I’m scared!”  Doesn’t matter.  “They hurt me!”  Doesn’t matter.

The reason WHY we don’t sow doesn’t matter.  What matters is whether or not we sow.

We can only control what God has given us to control: our ability to sow. As a farmer can’t control the seasons nor the weather, so we cannot control what others do our what circumstances come our way.  We can only control whether or not we sow.  To not sow is to presume on God, that He will make everything perfect for us.  He does not.  If He did, we’d never grow… we’d never learn to trust Him.  We must sow… and trust Him for the harvest.

Sow love and consistency into your relationships… and trust God for the harvest.
Sow hard work and diligence on your job… and trust God for the harvest.
Sow consistency and passion into your pursuit of knowing God… and trust Him for the harvest.
Sow the Word of God into the lives of others… making disciples of “all peoples”… and trust God for the harvest.

For to NOT sow… is to NOT trust Him.  And if we DON’T sow… we WON’T reap.


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